About Us


HELIRESCUE24AFRICA is the swiftest sleek Helicopter Health Transportation network uplifting patients from the remote area in Zim and Sadc into Metropolitan Hospitals with an immediate referral Aircraft Flights to bigger Hospitals or to South Africa.

We are a life saving helicopter transportation service  that positively impacts on longevity. We cover the whole of SADC with our operational center in Zimbabwe and South Africa, supported by aircraft for quick referral longer flights into South Africa from metropolitan hospitals.

africa regions map

Our Staff Compliment

  • Doctors
  • Para-medics
  • Nurses
  • Aviation Operations personnel
  • Pilots Helicopter and Aircraft


Our Vision is to provide a seamless operation with no miss patient upliftment identification service.


To help Zimbabwe and Sadc countries become number one centre in Health Provisions and a Worldwide Travel Tourists safe haven with less exposure to injury adversities and a great destination as we positively combat Life Endangering disasters.
Also helping Zim part of Sadc to be one of the World’s health livable country and safe travel destination.
Directly promoting Health Tourism into Zimbabwe – part of Sadc.